About DOT UK

Digital Opportunity Trust Ltd. is a registered social enterprise with UK charitable status. It is a member of the Digital Opportunity Trust international network of affiliates.

DOT UK works with a network of partners to fund and implement cost-effective, youth-led economic and education development programs in developing and transitional economies and marginalized communities.

DOT's unique youth-led model mobilizes young university and college graduates who train and coach their peers and neighbours to become productive users of technology as they take charge of their personal development and livelihoods. DOT serves as a bridge in the school-to-work, street-to-work transition, providing young people with the market-relevant skills, self-confidence and motivation to find jobs and start businesses.

The core DOT programs include ReachUp!, StartUp! and TeachUp!. ReachUp! and StartUp! provide 21st century business and ICT skills, and the personal empowerment and self-reliance necessary to build sustainable livelihoods. TeachUp! introduces ICT and innovation to education administrators, teachers and students in formal education systems.

All DOT programs champion gender equality - 50% of all program participants are women.

To date, DOT has trained and coached over 4,500 youth leaders who have reached 800,000 community beneficiaries in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

DOT UK is currently partnering with the Rangoonwala Foundation to implement innovative mobile ICT labs in support of technical vocational education and training institutions in Ethiopia.

DOT UK is also working with the Forward Foundation to implement ListenUp! in Ethiopia. ListenUp! uses national radio to reach hundreds of thousands of youth with information and programming related to entrepreneurship and workforce entry.

DOT harnesses the power of youth, transforming young people to become leaders of change in their own communities. Its unique youth-led programs empower people with the knowledge and confidence to use technology for entrepreneurial, community and personal development.

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