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Become a Partner

Our partnerships have helped us to transform the lives of thousands of young people and women, and will help us transform the lives of thousands more. Our work is stronger thanks to the partnerships we create between local communities and the public, private, and civil sectors. Our partners provide us with the critical resources, including funding, business and industry knowledge, and the local support we need to reach the most marginalised communities.

Here are three DOT projects currently in need of funding and partnership:

STEAM Girls - Gained Generation

STEAM Girls - Gained GenerationLebanon

Young girls are at a higher risk of high-school dropout among marginalised communities, preventing them and their communities from reaching their full economic, social and political potential. DOT Lebanon and partners will work together to support 1,500 Syrian refugees and Lebanese girls aged 12-19 in Lebanon’s Bekaa and Northern regions. Using safe-learning spaces, these girls will be given the practical, hands-on digital skills training, mentorship and coaching they need to pursue careers in the arts, technology and science.

Youth Leading Social Change

Youth Leading Social ChangeUganda

Half of Kampala’s population of 1.5 million live in informal settlements or poor quality housing many of which are in slums. In these slums young women and men encounter numerous daily challenges that prevent them from fully participating in the economic and social development of their communities. DOT Uganda will work with partners in these communities to place 200 young women and men at the centre of local innovation, supporting them to find solutions to their community’s most pressing needs. Young people will be guided through training that will help them ideate, design and implement their solutions, and turn their solutions into businesses and jobs.

Agribusiness Innovation Hubs

Agribusiness Innovation HubsKenya

Agriculture is a key sector in the Kenyan economy, however, stagnating productivity leaves many Kenyans vulnerable to reduced incomes, hunger and malnutrition - particularly in rural communities. This project will support thousands of young, small-scale and women farmers through agribusiness incubation centres, where they will ideate, develop and implement their solutions to common farming challenges.

We are grateful for our partners’ support in helping us create opportunities and transform communities.

Our Partners:

  • Demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Create opportunities for social good, economic change, and community development that are locally defined and responsive to changing community, country and global needs
  • Are a part of a movement with lasting, sustained impact

To join a dynamic and growing partner ecosystem of public, private, and community-based organisations, please get in touch:

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