Building on the foundations of ReachUp!, DOT's StartUp! program equips young university and college graduates (DOT Interns) with the skills to deliver technology, business, and entrepreneurial training to budding entrepreneurs and owners of small and micro businesses in communities that are developing, under stress, or in transition.

Digital Opportunity Trust

StartUp! provides essential business and technology skills training to entrepreneurs in developing economies.

The StartUp! program is delivered to entrepreneurs who have a small business concept they want to develop, or who want to gain experience using technology to expand and grow their new business, make market connections, access capital, and develop business plans.

The program is delivered by DOT Interns who have been trained in technology, business development, communications, advocacy, coaching, and mentoring skills.

Who Benefits?

Program Participants - Our program participants are generally from vulnerable populations and have minimal knowledge of how to use technology to start or grow their business. The StartUp! program provides these participants with tools and training that helps to build successful, sustainable businesses and connects them to local market opportunities, business services, and microfinance opportunities.

DOT Interns - Our Interns participate in an intensive Intern Learning Experience before being deployed to their communities to deliver the StartUp! program. During this learning experience, Interns are equipped with facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communications skills. The training and experience DOT Interns gain while facilitating the StartUp! program prepares these young university graduates to enter the workforce as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals.

Communities and Economies - In developing economies, small-scale businesses are the most important source of new employment opportunities. The StartUp! program equips burgeoning entrepreneurs with skills and knowledge so that they can grow their businesses and improve local economies, provide employment opportunities in their communities, and create sustainable livelihoods. 

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In DOT communities, family incomes rise, internet traffic increases, micro-capital is attracted, businesses are formed and jobs are created. 40% of DOT participants report positive economic change.

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