DOT's TeachUp! program places young university graduates in schools to guide and assist teachers with integrating technology into their classrooms.

Digital Opportunity Trust

TeachUp! transforms the traditional approach to learning by helping teachers and schools integrate innovative technologies into the classroom.

DOT recruits and trains young college and university graduates to serve as TeachUp! Interns. Our Interns work in schools to assist teachers and administrators with integrating modern technology into curriculum and day-to-day activities. Integrating technology into classrooms improves quality of learning, prepares students with 21st century skills, and creates a foundation for success.

Who Benefits?

Teachers, Schools, and Communities - Through the TeachUp! program, teachers and administrators improve their use of and confidence in new educational technologies and tools. The impact of TeachUp! is felt beyond schools; enhanced student outcomes translate to more successful local communities.

DOT Interns - Our Interns participate in an intensive Intern Learning Experience before being deployed to their communities to deliver the TeachUp! program. During this learning experience, Interns are equipped with facilitation, coaching, mentoring, technology, and communications skills. The training and experience DOT Interns gain while facilitating the TeachUp! program prepares these young university graduates to enter the workforce as talented, experienced, and in-demand professionals. 


97% of teachers noted an increase in student excitement since the integrating technology into their lessons through the TeachUp! program, and 96% of teachers note a positive change in their students' acceleration of learning since the introduction of the program in their schools.

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